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My name is Sylvia Huffnagle. I'm 69 yrs. young and have been married for 51 yrs. I have two grown boys and four grandchildren. I've been writing for about 32 yrs.--20 yrs. for publication. I completed the Writer’s Digest writing course 7/29/98. Prior to that, I studied books on writing from the library. Being an avid inspirational romance reader, I often entered paragraphs, lines and phrases from my reading into my writing data base to refer to when needed. Another tactic I employed to enhance my writing skills was to record description and listen to it repeatedly.

I have published 9 paperbacks: 4 inspirational romance, 3 Bible-based non-fiction books, 1 short stories book, and 1 early American historical compilation.

Inspirational romance:
In the Palm of His Hand ISBN 1-59824-266-0 (Two women are devastated when they lose their husbands in the 9/11 bombing. A charismatic pastor offers them a lifeline--Jesus. They receive the Lord and He takes them through the healing and restoration process.)

The Gift of Love ISBN 1-59824-341-1 (A pretty girl in her late teens struggles with the problems that she attributes to her clubfoot. At last, she calls upon the Lord for help and gets plenty of it.)

Choose Life ISBN 1-59824-309-8 (A single mom with two little girls and a baby on the way falls victim to Hurricane Frances and then Jeanne. When she becomes desperate enough she asks Jesus into her heart and He teaches her to make good choices and helps her turn her life completely around.)

A Time and a Season ISBN 978-1-59824-807-4 (After forty years of marriage Deb’s husband deserts her for a much younger girl--through her faith in God’s Word, Deb overcomes the devastating feelings of rejection and abandonment and makes choices that will determine her future.)

Bible-based non-fiction: Bible Living Quiz Book ISBN 1-59824-302-0 (964 questions and answers pertaining to living God's way - multiple choice).

Transformed, 121 Biblical Articles ISBN: 978-1-60862-075-3

Resurrected Christ in Me ISBN: 978-1-60862-493-5 (Spiritual thoughts from my journal. Conveys humility, perspective, focus, and where our empowerment lies.)

Yea, Though I Walk ISBN: 978-1-60862-314-3 It contains 21 inspirational short stories.

God in America ISBN: 978-1-60862-388-4 It is a compilation of William Federer's American Minutes to show God's involvement in America from the git go.

I have five published e-books: The four mentioned above plus another Bible-based non-fiction book called The Ultimate 'How To' Book (175 'How To's from the Bible.) They can be found @

I have six e-booklets: The Mind of Christ, The Glorious Body of Christ, Biology of the Body of Christ, The Book of Job, God in America, and Promises for the True Believer. The e-booklets and many tracts and articles are offered for free on this website.

I write and publish Christian articles on six websites besides my own:
The Christian Article Resource
Christian Article Bank

Stories published in e-zines: In "The Vine": Michelle Gets Wise, My Testimony, Loving Jimmy, Heather Finds an Answer.
In "Thy Staff": Loving Jimmy
In "Diamond Dust”: Loving Jimmy.
In "Long Story Short": The Day My Life changed.
In a book published by Zoe Gets a New Mom

Hobbies and Interest:
Reading, watching human interest stories on TV, promoting the Truth by witnessing, writing pamphlets and articles, and teaching Bible.

Appropriate market: General, Inspiration Romance, Contemporary Christian For ages: readers of all ages

I think this is really a good book. The material is excellent. I know I am a vulnerable wimp myself, but you jerked me around like a puppet on a string--one second crying, another second cursing this sick world. The characters were very real and believable. I wanted to shake some sense into Sheri at times. The resolution was good since I only appreciate happy endings. If you had let Brook die, I would have sued for damages! Having Greg lay hands on Brook and give her healing was satisfying. I identified with the feelings of characters as one experienced encouragement from the Lord that he was putting something together for them while another struggled with the need to let go of the past and to move on to a wonderful future. Good job! Ed Richmond

Dear Syl, I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your book. I read it in one sitting. I thought maybe, if you write a sequel, you could add a little mystery for me. Love Gin

Hi Syl, I just loved your book. I didn’t want to put it down. I really enjoyed it. Jeanne

I really enjoyed your books. They are very, very good and well written. Betty Lou

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